Politics in Baseball?: MLB takes action against discrimination

On April 2nd, 2021, Major League Baseball announced that they would move their All Star Game out of Atlanta, Georgia. This decision caused both admiration and outrage toward the league due to the unprecedented nature of MLB’s actions. The announcement followed the passing of Georgia legislature that significantly restricted access to voting by absentee ballot, […]

Gender Inequality in the Weight Room: NCAA female basketball players receive weight stack to men’s gym

When the women of the NCAA Division 1 Basketball Tournament arrived in San Antonio, larger issues than losing a game surfaced. As they walked into the weight room of the March Madness bubble, a stack of six weights and a table of piled “sanitized” yoga mats welcomed them—not enough equipment for one athlete, let alone […]

The Rise and Fall of the Super League: Just two days after its creation, the Super League fell apart

“Greed, money, and power.” Those were the words CNN used to characterize the 48-hour history of Europe’s hastily organized, quickly renounced, and much-ridiculed Super League that angered millions of soccer fans around the world. Announced on April 18th, the Super League was a short-lived breakaway league consisting of Europe’s twelve wealthiest soccer clubs, such as […]

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